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I'm in a bit of a pinch right now, and I've got more manga than I know what to do with, so I'm selling some of the things I've read once and never looked at again -and also a couple that [ profile] ainotorikomi and I did a bit of barter with before, and I just haven't had time to get into them enough. Yays for you, I suppose. Also woo for possible holiday gifts!
Also included are two video games and one video game related movie.

Manga are listed with title, rating, volumes, and author.

ALL Prices are negotiable if necessary!!!!

The following manga will be in new or nearly new condition (unless otherwise noted), and are $7 each.

(Basically in good enough condition that I wouldn't have considered them damaged at work, if that helps -for those redirected here, I worked in a chain bookstore until recently.)

-Fake- (16+); Sanami Matoh; 1&2

Fullmetal Alchemist (Teen); Hiromu Arakawa; 1&2
* Volume 1 has significant water damage to the first 1/4th or so, thusly it's $3 when purchased with Volume 2, $3.50 without ^^;;

Heaven Above Heaven (18+); Kang-Suk Hyun, Joong-Won Jeon; 1

Ranma 1/2 (Older Teen); Rumiko Takahashi; 1&2

Sword of the Dark Ones (Mature) Kotobuki Tsukasa, Yasui Kentaro; 1&2
* Volume 2 is still in the original wrapping, so it's $7.50 when purchased with Volume 1, $8 alone.

Wild Rock (mature); Kazusa Takashima; One shot

The following were previously owned in good condition, so are now $6 each.

Get Backers (16+); Yuya Aoki, Rando Ayamine; 1-3

The following either had original sale prices over $9.95, or have been autographed by one of the authors, and are individually priced.

Appleseed (Movie Adaptation) (Mature); Masamune Shirow; One shot
Animanga, originally $12.99, asking $9

Bizenghast: Falling into Fear (N/A); M. Alice LeGrow; Art book
Originally $14.99, asking $10

Pantheon High (16+); Paul Benjamin, Steven & Megumi Cummings; 1
Autographed by an author, originally $9.99, asking $8

Wolf's Rain Boxed Set (Older Teen); Bones, Keiko Nobumoto, Toshitsugu Iida; Set of 1&2
Box isn't perfect, though still includes new 3D card.
Originally purchased separately for $24.98, asking $12

The following were originally $7.99, asking $5 each.

Death Note (Older Teen); Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata; 1-9
When purchased together, asking $35

The following games are $8 each, $12 for both.

Jak and Daxter (Game); Rated Everyone

Samaurai Legend Musashi (Game); Rated Teen

Lastly, the movie. Asking $10.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Movie) Rated PG-13

Accepted form of payment is through Paypal, unless I see you on a regular basis and you can just hand it to me =)
Shipping and handling, if needed, will be $2.50, then $.50 per additional item.
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music recommendation post!

comment with any newer music that you think i might want to check out. i'm not sure what i'm really into right now, all i know is that i need to add to the mix of stuff i've got right now. for the last... god, at least six months, maybe up to a year, i haven't been listening to the radio. like, at all. there's been a bit of mtv hits here and there, but that's it for my exposure to new music.

so... comment away! my sansa is begging for you to do so!


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